Get to the best winter activities in Mallorca with our taxis

Get to the best winter activities in Mallorca with our taxis
December 29, 2017 rex4media

Get to the best winter activities in Mallorca with our taxis

Mallorca is the perfect destination during winter as it has a pleasant climate all year round. As winter approaches the level of tourists decline, which is perfect for those who want to get away and enjoy some peace and tranquillity but also make the most of the weather. Take advantage of the islands beautiful landscapes and enjoy some of the islands fantastic winter sports and activities which it has to offer.


No need to worry about how to get to the best hiking spots in Mallorca by taking a taxi

A fantastic option in Mallorca is to go hiking and walking. There are many trails and routes which you can take where you will be stunned by the picturesque views. In the north of Mallorca you will find the Serra de Tramuntana, a world heritage site which functions perfectly alongside modern society. It has a course of around 90km so depending on your stamina you won’t run out of trails. Whether you want to keep up your fitness or enjoy a pleasant walk with your family or friends our taxis in Mallorca can drop you off and pick you up from any of your winter excursions.  


Enjoy our bike transports in Mallorca

Continuing with sporting activities something which is very popular in Mallorca is cycling, so much so that Team Sky from the United Kingdom spend the winter months in the North of Mallorca preparing for their championships and worldwide competitions. So if it’s good enough for the professional athletes why not give it a go yourself! Mallorca has some great roads which you can follow on your two wheeled companion, head along the coast and visit some of the norths charming towns or head up to the mountains and push yourself with some mountain biking. In the north of Mallorca there are many stores which stay open during the winter from which you can rent professional and leisure bikes in Puerto Pollensa, many also offer children’s bicycles so that all of the family can join in. Our specially adapted vehicles also accommodate for the transportation of bikes in Mallorca so that if you want to enjoy a cycling route a little further away from your accommodation it won’t be a problem, we can pick you up and take you to any location, and return to pick you up for when you’re ready to head back to your accommodation.




Live the spectacle of the almond tree blossom

During the months of January and February Mallorca still has its blue skies and enjoyable temperatures. It is the perfect time to enjoy some days out, whether it be with your family or friends. Something which is extremely spectacular which occurs during this time is the blossoming of the four million almond trees which cover the island in a flurry of white and pink flowers. A very special scene which resembles a blanket of snow. It is said that these trees were planted by the islands old Moorish ruler in order to impress his Scandinavian Queen. This event is something which you won’t see anywhere else and would make a great excursion, but don’t forget your camera as you will want to capture these stunning sights. And as always we will be there to pick you up and drop you off so you don’t have to worry about transportation. Don’t forget that you can also book your taxi in Mallorca directly through our website.


Our taxis bring you to the best vineyards in Mallorca

Another great option is to visit one of Mallorca’s traditional vineyards. Dotted around the island you will find, functioning vineyards which produce and distribute wine across the island and further. Many offer a guided tour where you can sample some of the local wines and learn about the growing process of the grapes and what work goes into turning the natural product into a bottled wine. This excursion would be perfect to enjoy with friends and makes an interesting alternative to the normal holiday activities. When you’re on holiday you want to relax and not have to worry about whose turn it is to drive and worrying about not making the bus on time and which buses to get. So why not pre-order one of our comfortable taxis in Mallorca and we will make sure you get there right on time.