Live the Fira de Pollença with your taxi service in Mallorca

Live the Fira de Pollença with your taxi service in Mallorca
November 7, 2019 rex4media

Live the Fira de Pollença with your taxi service in Mallorca

This eagerly awaited celebration has finally arrived at our beloved town and we wanted to tell you a little about what will be going on. The streets on the outskirts of the fair will be closed. Which is why the best way to enjoy this celebration is with Radio Taxi Pollensa, your taxi service in Mallorca, this way those planning to go don’t have to worry about finding parking.

Also, some of the streets where you will find the stalls and attractions is where there is usually most of the towns parking spaces and on these days, they won’t be available. Which is why, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact our taxi service in Mallorca to enjoy the Fira de Pollença in a more comfortable and practical way.

We believe that visiting a local fair is the best way to understand the culture, traditions and the community of this area. Fairs offer a chance to see the authentic culture of the area through its dances, gastronomy, exhibitions and atmosphere. The Fira de Pollença 2019 gets better every single year and in this article, we will be explaining everything you need to know about the celebration.


The history of the Fira de Pollença

The Fira de Pollença is an event enshrined in the local culture of the community and has been a vitally important celebration for the town of Pollensa for hundreds of years. It is one of the most eagerly awaited events on the local calendar organised by the town council. It is celebrated the fourth Sunday after the celebrations of San Lucas, which is normally the second Sunday of November. The narrow streets and squares fill with market stalls offering the best gastronomy, herbs and spices, plants and local crafts from Mallorca. These stands can be found in the areas of the Convent of Santo Domingo, the Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Ca les Munnares and many other streets in the town.

It is a unique experience where you can take home a small piece of Mallorca. After a long day filled with the history and the culture of Pollensa, the best way to end your day would be with your taxi service in Mallorca, without worrying about what streets are cut off and where you can catch public transport.


Entertainment and activities for all the family

Once you have taken a stroll through the picturesque town of Pollensa and tried some local gastronomy and taken in some culture, you will be happy to know that the fun doesn’t stop there. The town hall in Pollensa organise art exhibitions that are part of the fair, you can also see traditional dances with historic costumes and how all the locals have some fun, something which you can enjoy with the whole family. Later, there is live music presented by local artists and bands. Also, this year they have organised gastronomic shows to savour dishes made directly in front of you.

After enjoying all the fun its normal to be tired and want to head home as soon as possible. Following a great day of getting merry at the celebrations, we don’t recommend driving afterwards. At Radio Taxi Pollensa being safe on the roads is extremely important.


Radio Taxi Pollensa will take you to any part of the island

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article about the Fira de Pollença. Our taxi service in Mallorca, Radio Taxi Pollensa, has an ample fleet of vehicles specially adapted to every circumstance. When you are planning to explore the island, whether it be a long or short journey, we can take you to any destination. Contact us on +34 971866213 or reserve your taxi in Mallorca online. We will be waiting for you!