Enjoy your Valentine´s Day with our taxis in Mallorca

Enjoy your Valentine´s Day with our taxis in Mallorca
February 4, 2020 rex4media

Enjoy your Valentine´s Day with our taxis in Mallorca

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching and all though we all swear that we tell our better half how much we love them on a daily basis, we all like to experience a little surprise on the most romantic day of the year.

If amongst your plans to surprise your partner includes a getaway to Mallorca, at Radio Taxi Pollensa we can take you to any part of the island so that your gift for this Valentine’s Day be an unforgettable surprise.

From romantic dinners, getaways to a privileged enclave on the island or visiting one of the most prestigious restaurants in Mallorca to a night in an incredible hotel, the best way to celebrate Valentine´s Day will be with your taxi service in Mallorca, without worrying about how to get there or where to find parking.


A gift that money can’t buy:  quality time with your loved one

One of the keys to making a relationship succeed is, without a doubt, keeping the love alive on a daily basis. Keeping the flame burning, making an effort with those small details is essential as it helps to remember what brought you together with the person who you share your day to day with.

At Radio Taxi Pollensa we want to chaperone you and your other half during a unique journey through Mallorca. If you decide to make a trip to the island, stay and enjoy a complete weekend in the municipality of Pollensa, you can enjoy it with our taxi service and fully immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the island. You can reserve a taxi on our website or by heading to any of our taxi ranks in Pollensa and experience for yourself the beaches, museums, charming towns and much more… Mallorca has many possibilities which it can offer couples.


Radio Taxi Pollensa can take you anywhere on the island

We hope that you enjoy your romantic plan for Valentine´s Day. At Radio Taxi Pollensa, our taxi service in Mallorca, we have an ample fleet of vehicles adapted to every occasion. When you’re planning to explore the island, whether it be a short or long journey, we can collect you from any location. Contact us on +34 971866213 or reserve your taxi in Mallorca online. We can’t wait for your call!