Enjoy the local festivities with zero stress with our taxis in Pollensa

Enjoy the local festivities with zero stress with our taxis in Pollensa
October 9, 2018 rex4media

Enjoy the local festivities with zero stress with our taxis in Pollensa

If you enjoyed the first article which we published about the festivities in Pollensa you can’t miss out on the second part which Radio Taxi Pollensa has prepared for you. Before we begin we’ll give you a small summary of what we showed you: we saw the celebration of Sant Antoni and the climbing of ‘U Pi’, “els cavallets” of Sant Sebastià (dancing horses) and the Easter “davallament” (the descent). In this second offering your taxi company in Pollensa presents the festivities that remain.


“Ball de les Àguiles i Sant Joan Pelós”

The celebration of the Corpus Christi of Pollensa represents a very old tradition which is only preserved in Pollensa: the ‘Ball de les Àguiles i Sant Joan Pelós’ (the dance of the eagles and John the Baptist). To put it into context, the Corpus Christi is a religious celebration which takes place in June, exactly sixty days after Easter Sunday.

Masses fill the streets to commemorate this old tradition which consists of a procession through the streets of the town. At the front of the procession you will find two heavily adorned girls who carry out a dance which has stood the test of time. The girls dance with a cardboard figure which represents a magic bird. There is also Sant Joan Pelós who represents John the Baptist and carries out a dance by stepping on the petals which are thrown from the balconies.


Mare de Deú del Carme in Puerto Pollensa

During the second week of July it is the fiesta of the Verge del Carme in Puerto Pollensa and you can see recreational, cultural and religious activities. It is a festivity with the essence of summer, here you will find a mass of celebration, of concerts, popular dances and the most representative act: the maritime parade in honour of the Verge del Carme, the patron saint of the parish of Puerto Pollensa and of the sailors.


La Patrona and the day of the Moors and Christians

On the second of August the town of Pollensa prepares to welcome its virgin and to defend itself against an enemy attack. The simulation of the Moors against the Christians over the years has become the most important act of the celebrations of la Patrona and represents the victory of the Pollensans against the privateers. If you are interested in finding out more about the activities which take place during la Patrona we recommend taking a look at the following article: Live all of the fun and tradition of the Patrona with our taxi service in Pollensa.


Our taxis in Pollensa will take you where you need to go

We hope that you have enjoyed the second part of our article about the local festivities in Pollensa. If you would like to enjoy yourself to the maximum with zero stress, contact Radio Taxi Pollensa, and our taxis in Pollensa can take you or pick you up from any location.