Live all of the fun and tradition of the Patrona with our taxi service in Pollensa

Live all of the fun and tradition of the Patrona with our taxi service in Pollensa
June 29, 2017 rex4media
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Live all of the fun and tradition of the Patrona with our taxi service in Pollensa

The Patrona is one of the most well known celebrations in the north of Mallorca. They begin at the end of July and end at the beginning of August. What stands out is its traditional dance of the cossiers and the dame, its interpretation of the Alborada and its demonstration of the moors and the Christians, amongst other things.


With Radio Taxi Pollensa you will arrive safely to Les Votacions (votings)

The votings kick off the celebrations of La Patrona of Pollensa. They are democratic elections where the local Pollensans vote for those in charge of the demonstration (Joan Mas, Dragut, lieutenant, the banner holders and the old council) which take place the 2nd of August.

This year, it will be held in mid-July. Those who can vote include the Pollensans and residents born from the year 2001.

If you need Radio Taxi Pollensa to take you to the town centre to enjoy the voting or to take you home once the voting’s ended, you can consult our telephone number, call us at any time or reserve your taxi online.

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Enjoy the Alborada and the services of Radio Taxi Pollensa

On the night of the 1st of August, thousands of people partake in the eve of the Patrona, well known as the Alborada for the local hymn which is played at 5 in the morning. The Alborada, is interpreted by Pollensas musical band. In a single moment that absolute silence is called and which the Pollensans feel a strong sense of identity.


The dance of the dame and the cossiers

On the 2nd of August at midday the dance of the dame and cossiers is performed. It is made up of a collection of popular Mallorcan dances. The cossiers are twelve men which dance in a circle surrounding the dame, which is a woman. The dame, is selected the year before by a random draw. Many young people have it as a dream to be the dame one day, therefore, it is a very sought after role to which many women put themselves forward for every year.


Patrona of Pollensa: Who was Joan Mas?

Joan Mas, was the man who ran out to the main road, alerted the danger and lead the heroic battle against the opponents with the famous phrase “Virgin of The Angels, help us! Pollensans, get up, the pirates are here”. All young people who are older than 27 can put themselves forward to play the role of the town hero.


Attend one of the most popular celebrations on the island with Radio Taxi Pollensa

The central day of the celebrations of the Patrona of Pollensa is the demonstration of the moors and the Christians, which is celebrated the 2nd of August, to commemorate the battle of the Pollensans against 1.500 moors, lead by the privateer Dragut, which took place on the 30th of May 1550.

The demonstration was incorporated into the celebrations programme in the mid XIX to recreate a historic event which is held strongly in the memories of the Pollensans, constituting a spectacular celebration in which pretty much the whole town participates in. The Christians wear white clothing and the moors dress in diferent colours.

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Radio Taxi Pollensa is at your disposal during the celebrations

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