Get to know the museums and galleries of Pollensa at the hand of Radio Taxi Pollensa

Get to know the museums and galleries of Pollensa at the hand of Radio Taxi Pollensa
November 23, 2017 rex4media

Get to know the museums and galleries of Pollensa at the hand of Radio Taxi Pollensa

For those who don’t know Pollensa, the small town located in Mallorca right in the Serra de Tramuntana, is an area with a lot of history to tell. This municipality is the birthplace and destination of many artists: poets, painters and writers from previous centuries. That is why, you won’t be surprised to find various museums, numerous galleries and art exhibitions.

Pollensa has some magnificent countryside and its temperatures are pleasant all year round, it is an ideal place to practice your favourite sport or navegate through its blue waters. This town is a place where you can enjoy the sea and mountains at the same time. Also, the tourists that visit have the pleasure of trying a local cuisine that submerges them in to a world of sensations, with a contrast of spectacular flavours, just like in the collection of restaurants in Pollensa from Grupo Obris who combine tradition and good quality products.

During this time of year, our service of taxis in Mallorca will accompany you from any point of the island to the marvellous town of Pollensa so that you spend a cultural day with friends or family.

Take note because in continuation we will show you the museums and galleries that you can visit during your stay in Pollensa.




By taxi to the museums of Pollensa

At Radio Taxi Pollensa we want to suggest a visit to the famous Museu de Pollensa located in the historic convent of Santo Domingo. It has free entry and from October to May it is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 1pm. At this museum you can request a guided tour and the professionals will accompany you whilst you get to know the history of Pollensa.

In the Museu de Pollença, which was officially established in 1975, you can find yourself with the works of the winners of the Certamen Internacional de Pintura and with a collection of gothic altarpieces from the different churches of Pollensa. Over the years, the paintings collection has grown and it has enriched the museum, which has preserved a specific room dedicated to the prehistoric, to ceramics from the Convent, a Buddhist mandala from Kalachakra which was donated by the Dalai Lama during his visit in 1990 and the collection from the Argentinian artist Arilio Boveri.

Aswel as the local museum, Radio Taxi Pollensa will get you to the well-known Casa museu de Can Llobera.




Arrive at the Galería de Pollensa with our taxis in Mallorca

Contemporary art lovers can’t miss out on this gallery in Pollensa. The Galería Maior represents emergeing and long standing artists.

Those who visit Pollensa should know that between October and up until the end of December the exhibition of Antonio Mesones is presented. Those who know the career of this artist, will see in his late pieces the result of a long and coherent evolution.

This gallery has a programme pf approximately seven exhibitions per year, within them they offer a demonstration of the most recent work of young artists and already well-known names. Also, they include experimental works in which the artists employ different techniques.

If you want to get to know more about this gallery, open their webpage and find out everything you need to know. And if you want to visit it directly, contact Radio Taxi Pollensa and you will come closer to getting to know the wonderful world of contemporary Mallorcan art.