Enjoy a medieval route through Mallorca with Radio Taxi Pollensa

Enjoy a medieval route through Mallorca with Radio Taxi Pollensa
June 28, 2019 rex4media

Enjoy a medieval route through Mallorca with Radio Taxi Pollensa

The sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Mallorca is much more than just sand and sea. For centuries it has been the home to many iconic civilisations in history, who have left behind their incredible architecture and design which is still standing to this day. In this blog article, Radio Taxi Pollensa, your taxi service in Mallorca will be telling you about a selection of locations which you can visit to experience a medieval route in Mallorca.


Explore the walls of Capdepera Castle with your taxi service in Mallorca

In the north east of Mallorca, lying on the outskirts of Artà is one of the islands most beautiful medieval attractions, the Capdepera castle. This incredible site located only one hour away from Pollensa, which you can reach in complete comfort with our Taxi Service in Mallorca, is a fortified enclosure dating back to the 16th century. During its heyday the castles walls held within it 125 houses and was used as a hiding place for the residents of Capdepera during sieges. Two hundred years later it was taken as a military outpost and was later abandoned in 1856. As the years went by the castle remained untouched until 1983 when the municipality took it over and has vowed to preserve this beautiful piece of history. Enjoy the Mediterranean air as you take in the history of one of Mallorca’s oldest constructions with your taxi service in Mallorca.


Reach Estellencs in comfort with Radio Taxi Pollensa

Heading now to the southwest of the island we find the beautiful town of Estellencs. In the heart of the Tramuntana mountain range lies a historical hamlet with strong medieval characteristics filled with untouched buildings from past civilisations. In 2007 this quaint municipality of only 400 inhabitants was declared a Good of Cultural Interest (Bien de Interés Cultural in Spanish) in 2007. Interestingly due to the towns unique architectural design it is almost impossible to navigate through its streets by car, so the town is pedestrianised, making it the perfect destination to enjoy a day with family or friends taking in local culture and savouring its traditional gastronomy. Following a day of exploring the winding streets of Estellencs, Radio Taxi Pollensa can pick you up and take you back to Pollensa, ensuring complete comfort and ease knowing that you are in professional hands.


Spend the day at Alaró Castle with one of our taxis in Mallorca

The Alaró castle is said to date back to 902, when the Saracens settled on the island. This fortress is well known as it was one of the last Arab resistances on the island before the arrival of Jaime I the Conqueror who fought for control of the island and was victorious in 1229. For many centuries the site was used for military activity much like many of the castles in Mallorca but was also used for religious purposes and a chapel was built near the castle in 1622.


Tour the most iconic medieval spots in Mallorca with Radio Taxi Pollensa

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