Cycling routes in Mallorca: Discover the island on two wheels

Cycling routes in Mallorca: Discover the island on two wheels
March 21, 2019 rex4media

Cycling routes in Mallorca: Discover the island on two wheels

Mallorca is one of the most highly regarded destinations by cycling enthusiasts. This island is one of the few places in the world that is able to offer so many different options when it comes to selecting a route. With its rolling countryside and coastline only a few kilometres away, we find ourselves in the perfect enclave to enjoy some of the best cycling routes in Mallorca whilst discovering the island.

However, whenever you visit a destination, transporting a bicycle can come with a lot of worry. Due to a lack of awareness of the sport, not all means of transport allow bicycles in Mallorca.

Radio Taxi Pollensa, taxis in Mallorca, will treat your bicycle as if it were their own, by picking it up and taking it to any destination that you need to reach.

Due to this you will be able to enjoy routes like the following:

Cycling routes in Mallorca

Cap de Formentor

It is without a doubt, the most famous cycling route in Mallorca. At 20 kilometres from the Port of Pollensa, the Cap de Formentor lighthouse is the most well-known lighthouse in the area. As well as seeing its characteristic enclave, you will be given the gift of seeing the true landscape of this idyllic location.

Riding along the Cap de Formentor is an experience which you can’t let pass you by, especially just after the winter season, as this time of year has much more favourable weather conditions for riding a bicycle.

It is important that you know that at any point during your route, our taxi service in Mallorca is ready and waiting for you. Also, we organise and execute the transporting of bicycles in Mallorca, so now you don’t have any excuse to not bring your bike with you!


Sa Calobra

With a gradient of 7%, anyone who dares attempt this route is likely to suffer from its beautiful and steep climbs!

Sa Calobra is around 10 kilometres in length. Its tight corners and uphill challenges are well worth enduring as you see the beauty of its surrounding landscapes.

Taking on Sa Calobra is one of the best decisions that two wheeled lovers can make. Also, with our bicycle transportation service in Mallorca, travelling with your bike will never be a problem.


Coll de Sóller

One of the most challenging routes that will test your legs to the limit is in Coll de Sóller. Despite the difficulty and high level of commitment that this route requires, it is one of the busiest cycling routes in all of Mallorca.

So why do people do it? Thanks to the Sóller tunnel which allows drivers to avoid the mountain road, all of the traffic is redirected, leaving the road completely free for cyclists on the island to use.

A bicycle transport service in Mallorca is the best gift which the island can offer. With our taxi service in Mallorca, enjoying time on your bicycle won’t be a problem!

Enjoy the quality of life in Mallorca and lose yourself in its nature. You will never see a place like it. Trust our taxi company in Pollensa to get you from A to B.