Radio Taxi Pollensa can take you to Formentor even after the regular car restrictions

Radio Taxi Pollensa can take you to Formentor even after the regular car restrictions
June 28, 2018 rex4media

Radio Taxi Pollensa can take you to Formentor even after the regular car restrictions

Pollensa is one of the biggest summer attractions in Mallorca. Its versatility between the sea and mountains and its unique landscapes make the popularity of this municipality grow significantly. Within the possibilities that this northern area of Mallorca offers, there is one that stands out the most for its high number of visitors that it attracts: Formentor. Its beaches, its lookout points and its lighthouse each year attract thousands of curious visitors who want to revel in its beauty. This year, however, this area will suffer important access restrictions. That is why, at Radio Taxi Pollensa, it’s our duty to inform you on the changes which the area will suffer this time of year and how it will affect our services.


In the months of July and August, it will be prohibited to access Formentor

At the start of June, the town mayor of Pollença, Miquel Àngel March, met with the Govern de les Illes Balears, and Consell de Mallorca, and the Consorcio de Carreteras and the Autoritat Portuària de Balears (APB), all of which are extremely important governing bodies, and they approved a renovation project which would be a trial run to prohibit access by car to the lighthouse of Formentor during the daytime to avoid mass visitors in this area. With the premise of ending the long queues and their unsafety which they bring, the institutions have decided that during July and August access by a motorised vehicle will remain restricted between 10:00am and 7pm.

In this area, the limits will only be applied between the beach and the lighthouse of Formentor. Only bicycles and the residents of the areas of Cala Murta and Cala Figuera will be authorised to travel to the lighthouse.




Radio Taxi Pollensa will make accessing the roads to Formentor much easier

Accessing the lighthouse outside of the stated hours will not be completely prohibited. The Govern de les Illes Balears will deploy shuttle buses which will control and ease the access in to the area. By using the shuttle bus services, users can enjoy the Radio Taxi Pollensa services to the bay of Port Pollença, the private parking, or even, the beach car park in Formentor. From there you can access the restricted area by using the new roads which have bene created by the institutions.

At Radio Taxi Pollensa during July and August we will help you to access the departure points to the area of Formentor, so that you can rely on the institutional ways of transport which you need in order to continue your adventure, and we will even be there to pick you up when you want to come back.