Pollensa, a village with charm

Pollensa, a village with charm
November 4, 2016 rex4media

Pollensa, a village with charm

One of the hidden pearls in Mallorca

Pollensa, hidden in the north-east of Mallorca, is the main village of the municipality of Pollensa, in which we also find: Puerto de Pollensa, Cala San Vicente and Formentor. Located in the foothills of the Sierra de Tramuntana very close to the sea, Pollensa is a paradise to live in or enjoy some unforgettable holidays. But the village of over 10.000 population doesn’t only stand out for its impressive nature, but also for the culture and customs that the Pollensins still keep alive.

Old houses in a village with charm

A walk through the village may sometimes seem you’re travelling back in time, as most houses were built in the 17 th and 18 th century in very compact and narrow streets. The houses are very well restored and looked after, in one of these streets we find the Hotel Sant Jordi, one of the main hotels in the town of Pollensa that stands out for its charm and privacy. As its located in the heart of the village, all the main points of interest are a short walk away. Where you will also be able to feel the special atmosphere this village transmits.


Monuments full of history

Some of these monuments are: The Pont Romà, which origins are still a mystery. The Santuari de la Mare de Déu del Puig at the top of a small hill overlooking the town, built back in the 13th century to save the Virgin from the Black Plague, and now is one the most favourite places for the Pollensins to relax at, enjoy outstanding views or/and eat a nice pa amb oli that the bar of the Santuari make. Another very symbolic monument of Pollensa is the large church Esglèsia de la Nostra Senyora del Àngels in the central square built in 1236 and handed over a few years later to the Templars, who helped the village grow again. But with no doubt the most distinctive monument of Pollensa is the Calvario a 365-steap stairway where the descent of Jesus Christ is recreated.


Where museums, festivals, music and culture are taken place

Another monument is the Convent de Santo Domingo built between the 16th and 17th century by the Dominicans used as a building for different institutions where currently the museum of Pollensa is held and different cultural acts take place such as the Musical Festival of Pollensa.  The festival exists since 1962 and attracts the best classical artist in the world and thousands of music lovers. Very close to the Convent there’s one of the best restaurants in Pollensa, Spira a restaurant specialized in grill and fish dishes. It’s the perfect place to have your meal before enjoying one of the amazing cultural acts in the Convent de Santo Domingo or after a visit to the museum, as Spira offers modern dishes inspired in traditional recipes.


Festivals like you’ve never seen before

Pollensa is a village where the Mallorcan cultures and traditions are still present, which explains why the traditional festivals have so much success among the Pollensins.

One of the most famous ones is taken place on the 17th January, the Pi de Sant Antoni when Pollensins walk up to Ternelles to get the “Pi” (pine tree) that later will be stood up in the square of the Plaça Vella (Old square). At mid-day they walk up to Ternelles where the Pollensins have a snack before carrying the Pi down to the square accompanied by the xeremiers and traditional dances.

But the most peculiar festival in Pollensa is La Patrona or the also known as the Moors and Christians Day, dedicated to the patrona of the town la Mare de Déu dels Àngels. Which takes place every 2nd August in which all the village participates in the recreation of the battle that happened in 1550 won by the Pollensins thanks to Joan Mas. Every year the Pollensins live this day with pride and illusion.


Keeping the Mallorcan traditions alive

Other than these festivities, there is also the festive of Sant Sebastià that takes place on the 20th January with the procession of Els Cavallets and l’Estandard, and the Corpus Cristi with the traditional dances of Les Àguiles and Joan Pelós. Pollensa is also renowned for its annual fairs: the Pollensa Fair in November and the Wine Fair in March. As for its Sunday Market that attracts people from all over the island.  The Mallorcan culture is also present in many of the restaurants in the village. For example, La Sastrería, a restaurant decorated to detail in the Mallorcan style, which explains the great use of the telas de lenguas that are produced just in the outskirts of Pollensa, one of the very few workshops that still exist in Mallorca.


An exclusive place in the world

It’s not surprising that Pollensa has been attractive to so many artists, writers and ordinary people who have ended falling in love with this special place and decided to live here. Pollensa is one of the most beautiful places on the island thanks to its location and natural surroundings. As also being a place where the traditions and cultures are still so well kept.

All of this is part of the magic of Pollensa making this town incomparable to any other in the world.